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LONDON THROUGH A LENS - by John W Townsend
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Alright, I was shaken by the surreal experience with my new PC, and I do admit I kept away from it for two days. In the end I sent an email to the Online Shop where I purchased it, and though I found it difficult to explain, I did in the end ask them about this wierd experience. They replied pronto, telling me . "The advanced system enhances your search experience by transporting you to the event, place, or the nearest search that can be matched, this is called 'CURTAINS-MUSTA' or CM. If you do not want to use the CM facility then type in your search in higher case letters. We hope you are pleased with your product.' Their reply reassured me, but I cannot believe that for the small price I paid I have such an advanced PC. That day I returned to the PC, showing not a care in the world. Thought I would search out some of the historical events that shaped our world. 'Life 10,000 years bc' , The one thing I did not do, yes you have guessed it, higher case. In an ins…

THE ON-LINE SHOP by John W Townsend.

At last I had decided to go for it, upgrade my PC to a more powerful system, one that would cope with all my expectations and demands. I had considered all the options, HP, Dell, Mac, Windows, then I stumbled across a site that seemed too good to be true , and believe me I did almost give it the click elbow. Then I saw it had all the systems in one, could transfer all my data to view on my tv, and was three times more powerful than any I had seen, yet was on offer for the price of the weakest PC I did not want. Anyway I clicked to browse the site, and was met with a most pleasent surprise, it was all in a Halftwits language, which was my usual understanding. The price was tax paid, delivery paid, and carried a full three year warranty. Skeptic I am, it seemed a con, then a pop-up invited me to ask any question, so I did. "What is the bit I am missing, why is it so cheap?" I asked. "Thats got them.", I thought as I waited for a reply, seemed a long time in coming. But…

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE by John W Townsend.

It was August 1955, I was a ten year old on holiday in Dorset England. I recall we were at a beach when I was invited by my father to write a note and put inside an empty Tizer bottle. Well I did and threw the bottle out amid the retreating sea. I looked for many minutes as it appeared then disappeared among the waves, until gradually it was gone out of sight. What I had written on the note was this: To whom it may concern My name is James T Bloomer and I would like to know who you are. James. It was not until I had thrown the bottle that I realised that I had omitted giving my address, what a fool I felt, but I told no one, just hoped as I stood there looking at the bottle bobbing in the waves that it might come back, so I could add the address. Why do I mention this? well it is for this odd reason. Last year I was on holiday in Dorset with my wife and grandchildren, we were on the beach near Swanage. One of the children called out to me, "Grandad look, we have found an old fashioned …